Anders Arens is a French brand that all started with Pierre Anders Arens, a designer from Biarritz. He started creating clothes for himself in the first place: since he couldn’t find what he was looking for on the market, he decided to give it a go.

He came up with the idea of a luxury craftsmanship brand, one that is both responsible and local and that would reinvent the French know-how. To do so, he started a training in handcrafted sewing and studied textile design. During his research he found out that France is a world leading producer and historical linen grower.

Linen grows in the northern part of France where the weather conditions are ideal for it to be cultivated as it does not require any irrigation. Moreover, the harvesting and processing processes prevent any waste and leave a light environmental footprint.

Pierre fell in love with this plant and its unrivalled ecological and qualitative properties.That’s when he started drawing men and women apparel that he would love to wear or to see worn.

That’s how Anders Arens’ unique style, a mix of Scandinavian, German and French roots, was born. It is all about blending the minimalism of the garment’s cut, the simplicity of the colors and the subtle details.

Then the experiment process started, by picking and choosing the very best French linen and combining it with other noble and responsible materials to end up creating a comfortable and durable garment with a perfect fit.

Being knowledgable of high-fashion techniques, Pierre takes his time to have his products handcrafted to obtain an outstanding quality. In his workshop based in the south west of France he started training seamstresses to his very own processes. This local and artisanal work enabled him to offer small, entirely hand made productions with great finishes.

Collection after collection, the Anders Arens style matures. From Biarritz, his other homeland, he borrows references to surfing, nature, outdoor life, for a style that is both minimalist and sought after.

Pure and timeless silhouettes are born. His garments soon become any man or woman’s must have that can be worn either casually or for an elegant look.

Distributed and showcased in niche boutiques around the world, Anders Arens claims its place alongside couturiers, designers and artists’ garments. In both intimistic and refined settings Anders Arens carries some of the French know-how beyond its borders.