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" Minimalist and inspired, the Anders Arens brand is shaking up the lines of fashion by offering collections for men and women made in France, in Biarritz, from French linen.

Artisanal brand with a couture spirit born in 2017 in the Basque Country, Anders Arens is enjoying growing success. The young French brand, which is inspired as much by Scandinavian fashion as by surf culture and outdoor life, offers minimalist and timeless fashion for men and women. Clean lines, beautiful materials, perfect cuts, sophisticated details: Anders Arens borrows from the codes of French haute couture while offering fashion for everyday life. "I created clothes that I wanted to find for myself or that I wanted to see worn, with a real demand for quality," explains Pierre Anders Arens, the brand's founder.

The choice of linen

If the finishing of the clothes is essential for Pierre Anders Arens, the designer wanted to go even further in his approach. It was essential for him to create a responsible and ethical brand by choosing French manufacturing and local raw materials. So he turned to linen, a natural plant material grown mainly in northern France. "France is the leading producer of linen in the world with more than 50% of the world's production" explains Pierre Anders Arens. This environmentally friendly plant is resistant and requires little water, and unlike cotton, does not require irrigation.

Collections made in France

Produced in France, the linen, a light and solid material, is then woven in Italy and Belgium where there is an exceptional know-how. From these high-end fabrics, the clothes are then made in the brand's workshops in Biarritz. For its fall/winter 2020 collection, Anders Arens has mixed linen with other natural materials such as wool or cotton for warm and even more comfortable clothes. We love the hand-knitted sweaters in linen and cashmere, the unisex pants in linen and cotton denim and the plaids in linen and merino wool.The brand is already present in prestigious boutiques in Europe, the United States and Japan.The new winter collection and exclusive products can be seen on their beautiful online store, launched in fall 2020: AndersArens.com "



" Anders Arens, French craftsmanship

The luxury label Anders Arens embellishes women’s and men’s dressing rooms with timeless pieces, in sober shades (white, black, dark navy) and minimalist cuts for the past three years. Its designer and Franco-German stylist, Pierre Untas, honors the French know-how of luxury craftsmanship, defending an ecological and local fashion where the notion of time plays an essential role in the creative process. All models are designed, dyed and hand-sewn in Biarritz or in workshops in the Basque Country. In terms of material, the Masters of Linen certified French or European flax, known for its clean and eco-friendly qualities, is the DNA of the brand. This winter, the t-shirt in woven linen, the brand’s iconic model, is available in red burgundy and pine green, while the coat, the highlight of this sixth collection, is chosen in 100% linen or in a blend of linen and wool or linen and cashmere according to its style."



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" There is something of the arte povera in Anders Arens' minimalist pieces. Pierre Anders, a native of Biarritz, started designing to invent pieces that he wanted but could not find on the current market. This is how his brand of luxury craftsmanship was born, where each garment has its own importance. Like the T-shirt, a pivotal piece of our modern wardrobes that is too often denigrated. For spring-summer 2020, Anders Arens has developed a palette of colors from 100% natural pigments: "Fauve" created from pomegranate bark, "Salmon" made from liquidambar leaves and acacia bark, and finally "Dolphin" obtained from gall nuts. A fashion made of ecological values, mainly handmade in the Basque Country, and which makes concrete the desire of a capsule wardrobe able to cross the time and the seasons. "

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